Our Brands

E-commerce Division

Bella Dispensa

The on-line grocery category is rapidly emerging as a focus for E-commerce innovation, logistics efficiency and the highest standards of customer experience and service.

In 2021, we acquired 100% of Bella Dispensa®, a Milan, Italy based online grocery marketplace start-up selling an expanding range of traditional, artisanal, organic Italian food products sourced and delivered directly to discerning food lovers in European markets.
Watch this space as we combine one of the world’s most favourite, traditional food cultures with the accessibility of DTC and B2B E-commerce, and advanced retail technology.

Retail Division

Dispensa Milano

Our physical store, Dispensa Milano, is located in the heart of Milan, in the center of the fashion district.

In the 350 square meters of Corso Venezia 29, you’ll find fresh products, deli items, butcher selections, and a variety of cheeses. The gastronomy section offers ready-to-go dishes to takeout or for a quick lunch break. Additionally, there are various corners dedicated to showcasing excellence.

Dispensa Milano boasts an extensive experience as a selector of gastronomic excellence. 

That’s why we are able to offer the public a wide selection of food products from local and international producers, ensuring that our clients will always experience the best in taste and quality.

Pastry Division

Gran Roero

Renowned for exquisite and luxurious biscuits, pastries, and cakes, using only the finest ingredients.Authentic flavours and aromas are preserved, and crafted by master confectioners with unparalleledexpertise.

Strategic Repositioning:

  • Exclusive placement in luxury stores and the ability to sustain price increases
  • Surpassed market expectations in demand for indulgent treats
  • Remarkable revenue growth within first six months under new ownership

Growth Strategy:

  • Expansion of distribution channels for wider reach and accessibility
  • Continued focus on product excellence and reputation enhancement

Vertical Integration

  • Careful selection of suppliers to maintain ingredient quality
  • In-house expertise of master confectioners for meticulous production
  • Ensures control over flavours, craftsmanship, and product uniqueness

Dairy Division


Dallatte is a producer and distributor of luxury dairy delicacies, with a specific focus on ice cream.Their products can be found in gelato bars and high-end restaurants, including

Monaco. Dallatte’sofferings stand out with their distinctive flavours, such as Rose with Dark Chocolate, DolcettoWine Sorbet, and Barolo Wine Sorbet.

Dispensa Group’s Recognition:

  • Dispensa Group’s team acknowledged the brand’s potential strength and quality pre-acquisition
  • Developed a stand-alone ice cream marketing, growth, and distribution strategy

Growth Strategy:

  • Targets 36 months of rapid expansion in B2B, gelato bars, and direct-to-restaurant channels
  • Focuses on increasing market presence and brand awareness

Vertical Integration

  • Invaluable for protecting supply chain security and Intellectual Property
  • Ensures control over unique production methods and flavours

Meat Division


EcoCarni is a reputable supplier of premium meats in Milan. Known for exceptional meat cuts,the company prioritizes animal welfare and sources sustainably from ethical farmers. Skilledbutchers combine traditional techniques with modern technology for precise, high-qualityproducts. EcoCarni also has a retail store, offering customers access to superior meats like thoseserved in premium restaurants.

Dispensa Group’s Recognition:

  • Know-how and high competence
  • Top-of-the-range quality
  • Traceable and guaranteed supply chain
  • Flexibility, distinctiveness, organization

Growth Strategy:

  • Expand reach beyond the Milan region through partnerships with premium restaurants
  • Increase market share and revenue through expansion

Vertical Integration

  • EcoCarni products are found at Bella Dispensa physical store and e-commerce platform
  • High-quality products seamlessly integrated into proprietary distribution channels